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Welcome to Conversa!

Many business owners have not yet fully grasped just how useful AI technology can be, and how many different forms machine learning can take.


When you call a toll free number and use a voice recognition system, you’re using AI.

Each day we are surrounded by chatbots, whether we are making a dinner reservation, checking availability  for a play, you are interacting with a sophisticated AI program.

Facebook bots are so sophisticated it makes them virtually indistinguishable from human operations.


An extension of your:

-Existing marketing and customer service teams.

-Free staff up to perform more complicated tasks while bots handle more basic enquiries.

  • Efficiency in back office operations
  • – Front line staff no longer need to answer the same set of queries dozens of times per day.
  • They no longer need to answer pricing for your hottest items, down to the details of your guarantee. All are very important questions but also very time consuming.

-Custom building your bot to handle those enquiries allow your human operations to answer more complicated questions, improving your customer service while lowering the cost of doing business.

-Building a bot requires resources, time and expertise.

-Reduce human interaction to reduce human error.

-Automate your business.

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